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Super Taning Golden Marmelade

98% natural origin

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Jam for sunning with gold particles. Nourishing olive and calendula oils have beneficial effects on dry skin and prevent dryness. Due to powdered cocoa seeds and carrot oil, skin gets a uniformed bronze color emphasized by the small gold particles, enveloping your skin with a luxurious glow. Precious rosewood oil leaves skin pleasantly fragrant and protects it from aging. Note: Does not contain protective filters.

Usage: apply to cleansed skin before sun exposure. Repeat the process after swimming. It is not recommended for people with fair skin or for children. Do not stay too long in the sun, even when using products with SPF.

Herbal ingredients. Olive oil, calendula and carrot oils, cocoa powder, rosewood oil, immortelle extract

Paraben free, color free, perfume free

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